If you happened to own an iPad and also a laptop (the 2 in 1 type being one of the example/Windows 7+/Mac OS X 10.9+ laptop ) or any of the Windows (7+) based pocket PCs such as the GPD Win and GPD Pocket or even the pocket desktop like Ockel Sirius B, you could actually turn your iPad into a primary or second/extended display when you need it.

Some may be thinking what benefit it brings? Well imagine that you are traveling for work or for leisure (but you need to get on to work out of sudden, hopefully not but you never know), with your pocket PC or laptop, it is good enough to keep you going but at times you may find that working with dual screen is much more efficient. What is better would be you have a bigger  and extended screen to do your work efficiently but you could never expect a monitor is provision to you while you are traveling. But fear not because you could actually use your iPad screen as the extension instead! Now, would that be appealing?


This is make possible by Duet Display developed by ex-Apple engineers. It would be a plus if you have a Mac with Sierra 10.12.2 as it would give you the extra touch bar feature.

Here is a video that shows how cool your iPad and your portable PC would look like with Duet Display:

To find out more about how you could set this one up for yourself, tech it out @DuetDisplay in AppStore!

(Note that you will also have to install the corresponding program for example for Windows or Mac into the respective device which initiate the display. Access the Duet Display website link via the AppStore page available above)

  1. I love the video how it promotes the stuff and it is truly captivating.

    This is a great way of imaging technique and productivity but I think that is only limited to Apple Macs and tablets.

    Does it also possible to apply on a Mac and a Windows PC?

    Please anticipate my thanks in advance.

    • Thanks for tech-ing it out. It is compatible with mostly any machine that runs with Windows 7 (or above) and Mac OS X 10.9+. I’ve updated the content to also include this information. Thanks for the question. 

  2. Antonis Christonasis

    Really interesting way to increase your productivity. I don’t currently own an i-pad, more of an android guy over here, but I would certainly be interested in checking alternatives for my lenovo tablet. Do you have any interesting resource to share with me related to that? Thanks a lot for sharing!

    • Thanks for your suggestion. I have not got any at the moment to share with regards to extending display via an android base tablet or so. I’ll sure share one if I have in my queue.

  3. This is fantastic. I have dual monitors at work, and when I come home and try to do things on my laptop or iPad, I really miss the dual monitors. This fit exactly what I am trying to do at home. So basically if you own an iPad, you can connect it to any laptop or PC? This would be a great gift idea for my kids who are in college. I really love the dual monitor set up, it is so much more productive than a single monitor. Thank you for this review, I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Thanks for tech-ing it out. Indeed, this would be compatible with basically any laptop or PC as long as it meets the operating system requirements as mentioned in the post.

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