GPD Win is one of the First 5.5 Inch Handheld PC/Gaming Console running on Windows 10 System.

Its decent enough for you to travel around and still able to play your favourite games or do your work when needed (just because it is a Windows 10 based machine). Hence, no need of bringing your handheld game console and a work laptop around especially if you are traveling a lot (and thinks that carrying both is heavy as well as inconvenient). You get both in a single device that could just fit it into your pocket or bag or hand-carry bag, you name it.

Quick Overview
Did you know that Windows 10 is free for devices under 9 inch? Here is a reference.
Quick Specification Reference
Quick IO Ports Reference
Here is what you can do to get a desktop-like environment:
  • Connect to your mouse and keyboard via the USB port(s) (you may need a hub or simplify it with wireless)
  • Connect with a monitor through the mini HDMI port

How convenient it is!

Work on the go
And did you also know that Microsoft Office is also free if it is a device under 10 inch? Here is a reference.
Game on the go

Tech It Out this cool little device (for its specs and details) here.

Interested to tech one of this? You can own one at a decent price here.

  1. This product well definitely come in handy when you are traveling or going on a long business trip. I think this well be something that everyone has because its very small and convenient to have. You have explained the features the GPD Win has and I feel that everyone looking at the site will get a better knowledge on how this device works. Good job.

  2. This looks like a good deal, Tony.

    I just traveled to another city, and I brought a laptop with me. It was such a hassle carrying it through the airport, getting it through security, etc.

    My main concerns with the GPD Win concern the screen size and the keyboard size. It looks like it would be a great substitute for a separate handheld gaming device, but how is it typing on such a small keyboard? Also, I’m getting up in age, and my eyes are not what they used to be, so I may still need something bigger for work.

    • Hi Andy, thanks for stopping by. To be honest, the machine itself would be fun when it comes to gaming experience. And the typing experience is ok for quick email, username and password kind of input. If you are looking for something convenient and ok for work, you may want to consider tech-ing out my other post here. Or I will soon be writing a post about a 7 inch laptop with better keyboard layout (though its not really a gaming laptop but its an actual small netbook). Stay tuned.

      • Hi Andy, sorry as I was replying too fast and forget to mention that, say if you are traveling for work and you will be at a workstation with monitor and keyboard + mouse provided, the GPD Win would still work. My mate was doing that when he traveled to Sunshine Coast, Australia for work two months back. No complain from him though.

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