Have you ever run into situation where you always have an overweight baggage while you are traveling which you then either need to pay extra to check-in your baggage or you end up disposing some of the item(s) in order to proceed? Its disappointing for sure.

It certainly helps if you have a travel weigh scale with you at anytime and Oaxis Air Scale is one option to consider.


It looks pretty ordinary for a travel weigh scale where it could weigh your luggage for up to 40Kg. But considering you are traveling, and you may already have issue with your baggage weight most of the time, you would prefer not bringing any additional items such as a weigh scale itself. But what if it has more functionality, a high demand functionality which most of us would need especially we are away from home? The Oaxis Air Scale is not quite an ordinary travel weigh scale as you can think, it can be turned into a 6,500 mAh power bank too!


So this is actually a 2 in 1 travel weigh scale. You can have two devices being one at a decent size and pretty sure it won’t take too much of your baggage space. Plus at 6,5000 mAh capacity, it means that you could averagely charge about 2.5 times of most mobile phones.

Convenient and space saving! If you are interested to have one so that you are worry free from overweight baggage as well as running out of battery on your portable devices (especially mobile phone), Tech it out for its detail and its price HERE!

  1. First time I hear about a travel weight scale – but I’m so happy to have stumbled upon your post here!

    This Oaxis Air Scale looks amazingly cool and stylish, plus the functionality of being able to measure up to 40kgs is amazing.

    And the price is amazing – $30? That’s nothing for such a piece that can totally save you a lot of headaches.

    Thanks again!

    • Indeed, pretty worthy over the price that you are paying for this device. At a price of $30 (as of to date), you are actually getting a travel weighing scale plus a power bank in one. Thanks for tech-ing it out!

  2. Wow I run into this problem a lot travelling for work several times a year and with the Oaxis Air Scale being only $30 I can make the money back for it plus some by just avoiding 1 overbaggage fee.

    It seems portable too, so you can make sure your not going over weight when your coming home with souvenirs too. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Thanks for tech-ing it out. Indeed, it would definitely help in preventing you to spend more on overweight baggage fees and with the price you pay for this device, you also get additional features such as power bank.

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