A 10.1 inch 2-in-1 laptop that comes with a detachable keyboard and a stylus pen! Plus its running with Windows 10.

If a 5.5 inch pocket PC is too small (though its convenient), how about a laptop with double the screen size?

The Asus Transformer T102HA detachable laptop is a bigger (in terms of its screen) option that I would fancy having as something that I can conveniently bring it along when travelling or even when you are just away from home or office.

Pretty neat right (yes it may look like a Windows Surface Pro but smaller screen).

With the touchscreen, touch-pad and stylus (included) plus a decent keyboard attached (and detachable if you want to turn it into tablet mode), I would say it is just enough for you to bring it around and do your work without the need of an actual mouse or additional keyboard. I also like the fact that it comes with a stylus holder hence there is no headache of “where should I keep the stylus when I am not using it”.

But it is more of a give and take situation though. If you check out its specs, it is certainly good enough for a not too heavy duty job and this cannot be compared with higher ends laptop or even the actual Windows Surface Pro series (where they are usually much more expensive for example one of the Windows Surface Pro 4 model). Consider this as a netbook instead that can be transformed into tablet (if you wish) where you could just flip the cover and get yourself moving.

The fact that it is just 10 inch (not quite a laptop specs with bigger screen 12.9′ and above), it wouldn’t take up much of a bag space or even just holding it and bring it around. This is more of how I would relate to a gadget with its portability.

Tech it out this colorful and eye catching design laptop (2-in-1 netbook rather) in more details here.

Would like to own one of these for your convenience? Tech one out here.

  1. Check your grammar Would like to own one of this for your convenience? Tech one out here. this should be these.

    A ce review and I know this device is not for me but may suit my wife very well. The review had enough for the general consumer and I assume that is your target audience

  2. Always wondered about these kinds of laptops as they do seem good but are there any laptops you would compare to this that are better, especially when looking at price/performance? As i do wonder if this is worth buying or is there something better even if it was a little more expensive?

    • Hi Kyle, yes I would say almost everything comes with a give and take scenario. If you take away the style, the need of 2 in 1 concept laptop, a small screen for its portability, I bet you can find a lot of laptops that would gives you better performance with just slightly bigger screen (for example, an 13 inch [or above], 4GB/8GB RAM plus at least an i3 processor type laptop > bet its much decent than an atom processor based and gives you more ram) and they are not too expensive compare to this model. Doing a search (in Amazon for example) would give you heaps of result too.

      But if you are still looking for a 2 in 1 laptop concept with better specs for better performance there are always high-end type like the Pros version (just to name a few):

      Asus Transformer 3 Pro (comes from the same brand)

      Windows Surface Pro 4 (as mentioned in the article as well) > And there is now version 2017 being reviewed too

  3. Hey there! I’m looking for a laptop that I can use. I like to draw stuffs and having a detachable keyboard and stylus pen is a plus for me. I like small and light weight laptop because I always bring it wherever I go. I think this Asus Transformer T102 is the best laptop for me. Thank you for sharing this information. And I will try to buy this laptop soon.

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