Its possibly a trend nowadays that people are looking for a solution that fulfill the following keywords, mobile, work, entertainment, game, browsing, etc. You may be one of them who are looking for a device that could fulfill not all but probably some of the keywords mentioned at least. You would like to have a device that could really allow you to do your work when you need to or just to use it for your daily needs such as browsing, entertainment or game. The Ockel Sirius B appears to have all the checkbox checked in this case.


Its one of the pocket PC in the market that could do what a real PC could with an “almost” desktop-like specification. “Almost” is being used here in comparison with an actual desktop PC because its so small in size that there are some component built-in would only match a mobile/small device to date, for example its processor being an Intel Atom x5-Z8350. However, do not write-off the other specification that it has mainly: 4GB DDR3 (Which is comparable with most of the standard PC RAM used), 32GB/64GB (built-in, which is sufficient on the go and yet you can extend the storage) plus it is pre-installed with Windows 10 (which most of the commercial and home user uses when we talk about OS). Well they do sell model without a pre-installed Windows 10 in case you would want this tiny box to be installed with different Operating System instead. Just imagine that, this is like a shrink version of your desktop PC box (probably as big as your phone and its in a pretty slim design too!) plus it is built-in with the following ports:

  • 1x USB3.0 and USB2.0 – where you could then connect this box with a wired/wireless keyboard and mouse or any other USB devices
  • 1x HDMI – where you could hook this tiny box with any display device such as monitor/TV
  • 1x Micro SD – so that you can extend your storage
  • 1x Microphone
  • 1x Audio out


Isn’t it sufficient for your day-to-day use against a PC? Be it for work, home use (browsing/entertainment) as well as gaming. But its much smaller and much convenient for you to bring it around.


Tech it out this tiny little PC box for its detail and price HERE if you are interested to make your life much more convenient and do things on the go!

Also, stay tuned for Ockel’s newer Pocket PC model which currently undergoing a crowd funding campaign @Indiegogo and estimated to be released by end of 2017.

  1. This is awesome. I think I want to get one for my in-laws.

    But before that, any chance you can list down some ‘cons’? For e.g. Do you know if it could get ‘overloaded’ if I were to plug-in a USB hub so that I can connect more USB devices?

    • Thanks for tech-ing out the Ockel Sirius B. To be honest, I personally have not try this device with any USB Hub before. USB hub is designed to extend more ports in general (so probably it would not give you too much of trouble extending the device with more ports) though sometimes you may have to check the compatibility of the USB hub as some may not be as “universal” as its name claimed. One reference that I can think of though is that my friend had a mobile device with similar specs and plugging it with a USB Hub does not seems to cause much trouble when he was using it. Hope this would be a good reference and info to you.

  2. I believe this is where computing is going to be in the very near future. Corporate executives will much rather carry around one of these devices than a laptop back and forth to work. We are using docking stations at home and work anyhow, so now it will be just a question of which one will you want to carry and price factor. I would much rather carry the Ockel Sirius B than my laptop.
    I have already went paperless, so no printer needed. Most companies are in the process of adopting the paperless principle and are having their systems on a web architecture so you do not need 16GB of RAM. We can use the Ockel Sirius B and not lose out of any performance.
    Thank you for sharing this, I am very interested.

    • Thanks for tech-ing this one out. Considering most of the things are on the cloud nowadays and you may not necessary sitting in the office to deliver your work. I must agree that something small would be convenient indeed.

  3. Awesome review. I know what computer I’m getting next, then. The only thing is that it would be cool if it came with a Thunderbolt connection instead of USB 2.0. But that would naturally make it more expensive. Other than that, for the price, I think this is an awesome portable computer.

    • Indeed, portable and handy. And if you have an iPad, you could consider using your iPad as the display for this device. Tech it out here for more details.

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