Steam Deck OLED

After a successful introduction of Steam Deck, fast forward close to two years later, a new one is now on the shelf. Named, Steam Deck OLED is an upgraded portable handheld game console to its predecessor. As its title, this version of Steam Deck comes with a 7.4″ OLED screen as opposed to the previous one which uses LCD. It means that the screen can produce a better quality display and color too. Its worth noting that the Valve team has overhauled the Steam Deck’s internal (as it claimed). Hence, there will be some honorable mention highlights against this new Steam Deck machine.

Steam Deck OLEDSteam Deck OLED

One obvious improvement worth mentioning is its battery life. With a bigger battery being fit in to this machine, it is possible to have up to an extra 30 to 50% of battery life compared to it older model. Also, it weighs lighter too thanks to use of the OLED screen over an LCD screen. Compared to its predecessor, the OLED model weighs ~30g lighter in this case. This game console is much cooler too (cool huh?!). With technology advancement (on other components), a bigger fan can now be fit into this console, hence it can cools down better.

Steam Deck OLED Limited EditionSteam Deck OLED

Other notable upgrade includes a 6nm AMD APU processor which is much more efficiency. Its memory has been updated to 6400 MT/s which helps in improving latency and managing the power too. Its touchscreen is improved too which can produce better responsiveness and accuracy. This machine can give you a faster download rate and online play experience too. It comes with Wifi 6E which increases the bandwidth but with lower latency. The new model only comes in two model (for now), being the one with 512GB and 1TB. Also, there is a limited edition (1TB) model up for grab especially if you are in the U.S or Canada.

Tech it out the detail improvements applied to this already powerful Steam Deck OLED at its very own official website. In case you are in region where Steam Deck is not available for order, it might be worth giving a try to reach out to Steam Deck sellers @AMAZON. There may be seller which able to offer shipping to the region you are at. Note that going through other seller may incur different price than the actual retail price.

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