CASA Hub Stand Pro 6 in 1

Traveling with laptop is common especially for those who are traveling for business. Depending on the industry you are at, some may be able deliver their work with just a tablet instead. Often, you would still need to couple your portable device with a docking station or USB Hub. This is so that more ports can be extended and used. This can range from extending the storage, hooking up with a physical keyboard and mouse, etc. Having the laptop or tablet to be able to stand at the right angle when you are on it would be a plus for sure. With the CASA Hub Stand Pro by ADAM Elements, having a stand with easy access to USB Hub is made easy.


CASA Hub Stand Pro 6 in 1 CASA Hub Stand Pro 6 in 1

This stand is built-in with a 6 in 1 USB-C Hub too. More on the USB-C Hub later. The CASA Hub Stand Pro is lightweight ~1 kg and has a solid aluminum body. Coupled with it being foldable, this makes the gadget a travel friendly companion. You can easily setup your working station and deliver the necessary work on the go. The stand’s angle is adjustable and its height can be adjusted for up to 29 cm tall. One other highlight of this stand is that it is capable to rotate for up to 360 degrees. This enable you to setup and adjust your work station based on your comfort. One additional convenient feature this gadget offers is that, its USB-C Hub is detachable.

CASSA Hub Stand Pro 6 in 1CASSA Hub Stand Pro 6 in 1

Regardless if the USB-C Hub is in attached or detached mode, it surely would compliments the laptop or the tablet. The hub is equipped with a USB-C Host port to connect with the corresponding portable device. It has an additional USB-C port that support PD charging up to 100W of input power too. On top of that, this hub comes with 2x USB-A ports, 1x RJ-45 port and 1x HDMI port. The HDMI port is capable to deliver an output of up to 4K@60Hz of resolution. Be sure to check the details here, in order to find out the recommended combination to achieve a 4k output resolution. To travel with your work station conveniently on your next trip, tech it out the detail features and built information of this solid built laptop stand @AMAZON!

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