Case Club for Nintendo Switch

Traveling with Nintendo Switch is entertaining. Playing Nintendo Switch games with friends during travel can be extremely fun too. Multi players cramping against the Nintendo Switch display, might be okay but would be a plus to play on a bigger screen for sure. Access to bigger display especially when you are away from home can be a challenge at times. This would defeat the purpose of having fun with friends on a Nintendo Switch. Bringing extra Nintendo Switch accessories just to enjoy it with friends when traveling can be troublesome too. The Case Club for Nintendo Switch, can solve these challenges with give and take.

Case Club for Nintendo Switch Case Club for Nintendo Switch

This Nintendo Switch case is compact yet built-in with 18.5 inches monitor (like a huge laptop). The screen is an LED HD with 1,366×768 resolution monitor which also comes with dual internal speakers. This enable the Nintendo Switch to hook up with the screen to enjoy games on a bigger display even when traveling. There is no need of an extra pair of speakers to output the game audio too. All are ready for play when the devices are connected with the right power supply. The viewing angle of the monitor can be adjusted too for better viewing experience.

Case Club for Nintendo SwitchCase Club for Nintendo Switch

The case itself can be heavy weighing at ~ 6.5kg. But this is due to the fact that a portable monitor is being brought along, hence the give and take. This case also comes with foam, hook and loop straps to allow storing the Nintendo Switch and the necessary accessories all in a single case. This keep your Nintendo Switch ecosystem organised at all time and convenient to grab along wherever you are heading to. The foam (some claimed to require custom cut) area is capable of storing the Nintendo Switch, controllers, extra Joy-Cons, game cards and even the power supply. The case is designed to be waterproof and dustproof too. To find out the full design features of this full Nintendo Switch travel pack, tech it out the details @AMAZON!

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