You may realised that there are more and more devices start introducing USB-C as their charging point and the micro-usb era seems to be phasing out. And if you travels a lot or even if you are not a frequent traveler, you may have a handy universal travel adapter just in case if you really need to use it, you may noticed some of the older models only provide (or built-in with) you the standard USB port(s).

This may lead to your (newer) devices that use USB-C as the charging point did not get the full charging capacity out of the standard ports. One simple way is to bring along the USB-C port adapter. However, it defeats the purpose of try not to bring too much of unnecessary items with you when you are traveling (for many reasons, save storage space or even just for the sake of convenience). Plus the USB-C port adapter may still have to go through your existing universal travel adapter especially if you are traveling to country which uses different point.

If the above, sounds like something similar to what you are facing, an upgrade of your universal travel adapter may be an option such as the SAUNORCH Universal Travel Adapter.


Apart from the 3 USB ports provided, it comes with a USB C port too (which minus off the hassle of finding a portion of your travel bag to chuck in your USB C port adapter)! Plus being a universal travel adapter, its power point configuration is capable of supporting up to 150 countries’ voltage and socket point! Unlike some of the USB travel adapter which only has heaps of USB ports which indirect only support providing power to your USB devices, it comes with a universal AC socket point too. Hence, in case if you need to power for other items that does not rely on USB points, there is still a socket point available for it.


If you have not done so, it perhaps a good idea to Tech It Out this upgraded universal travel adapter, plus check through its detail features @AMAZON!

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