Mooroer Steam Deck Case

If storage space like the JSAUX BG0106 is not enough for carrying your Steam Deck and its accessories, have a look at the Mooroer Case instead. Its a much bulky carrying case for Steam Deck in general. However, you can easily carry the case either in the shoulder strap or hand carry mode depending on your liking. Pretty much like other cases in the market, this case is designed with drop and water proof material. Its surface is anti-scratch too.

Mooroer Steam Deck Case Mooroer Steam Deck Case

For its internal design point of view, this case comes with more compartments to allows storing more items. It also comes with pockets design to allow storing Micro SD Cards. The card storage section itself can also be served as the Steam Deck’s additional screen protector layer too. Underneath the Steam Deck compartment, there is an available space which allows storing some flat or thin items such as powerbank, cable, etc. Plus there are two deeper compartments to allow storing charging adapter as well as dock station which usually require a deeper space to fit.

Mooroer Steam Deck CaseMooroer Steam Deck Case

On the other side of the Steam Deck compartment, there is also a large net pocket compartment. This compartment can be treated as an all-in storage place. It is claimed to have enough space to store up to two game controllers. Not only that, the same slot is capable to also store other accessories such as cables, foldable Bluetooth Keyboard, mouse and many more. Though this case is designed for Steam Deck, there are claimed however that it fits with other handheld game consoles too. It is recommended to check other buyers review to learn more in this case.

No doubt for some travelers, traveling with the minimal items are sufficient. Its common too if one prefer to bring as much relevant accessories along when traveling. To carry along all the necessary Steam Deck accessories on the next trip, tech it out this larger built carry case @AMAZON!

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