Hagibis Steam Deck Dock

Steam Deck is one of the powerful handheld game console in the market (as of the date of this post). Its size can be bulky compare to many other smaller ones though. However, it is still designed so that it is portable enough to carry along. To further compliment this gaming console, it is often coupled with a dock station. There are already many different dock/hub design in the market which suits the Steam Deck. Some were even specifically designed for Steam Deck. Many docking station are designed in a way that it requires the Steam Deck to sit on it. Which makes it not so friendly especially if you travel a lot and do not have a table to hold up both the Steam Deck and its docking station.

Hagibis Steam Deck Dock Station Hagibis Steam Deck Dock Station

The Hagibis Steam Deck Docking station which looks pretty similar to the NewQ Hub, may be able to solve the general docking problem. This hub can be attached to the back of the Steam Deck easily. Which makes it looks as though the Steam Deck is the host instead. One main different as compared with the NewQ gadget is that its cable can be hide when not in used. It comes in two different models. The HB09 Pro is built-in with a RJ45 port whereas the HB09 doesn’t plus without hidden cable. The generic built-in ports include 2x USB-A ports, a PD charging port, a HDMI port and a micro SD card slot too. One thing worth noting is there are reviews mentioning that the micro SD slot may lead card issues (check the reviews if interested).

Hagibis Steam Deck Dock StationHagibis Steam Deck Dock Station

The PD charging port is capable to output up to 100W of power. Also the built-in HDMI port can output 4K display @60Hz. This would depend on the monitor or screen you are extending the display to as well. Imagine the convenience of still uses the additional ports available when the Steam Deck is being handheld. This hub can turn into a stand for the Steam Deck too when not hand-holding the Steam Deck. Also, this hub is designed so that it does not block any of the Steam Deck buttons or heat ventilation. On top of it, this hub itself comes with heat ventilation design too. To skip bringing along bulky dock station for the Steam Deck, tech it out the detail specifications of this neatly designed hub @AMAZON!

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