UGREEN RG 65W Charger

With technology advancement, gadgets are getting more advance too. Fast charging adapter using GaN technology is widely available in the market by now. However, you may find some of them come in a dull design. Or you may even find that most of their design are pretty much the same though they can go as tiny as possible. If you are up for a different look yet delivering the fast charging capability, the UGREEN Robot GaN 65W Charger would be a good option.

UGREEN Robot GaN Charger UGREEN Robot GaN Charger

As its name, this wall charger comes in a shape of a robot. It is built-in with GaN fast charging technology as well. To ensure it has the “robot-look”, this gadget comes with a plug cover that resemble the robot’s shoe. Its not just an ordinary cover to protect the plugs, it is capable to attach to metal surface through its magnetic built. You can keep the robot’s shoe in a more organise and easier to spot location while the adapter is in-used.

UGREEN Robot GaN ChargerUGREEN Robot GaN Charger

It comes with 2x USB-C ports and 1x USB-A port. Hence, this smart robot can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. Worth noting that the power output may vary depending on the number of ports being used at the time. When 1x USB-C port is being used for charge, this robot is capable to output up to 65W of power. There is mentioned of it being a “smart” robot too. In this case, it is indeed smart in the sense of delivering different facial expression through the LED display to indicate the different battery levels.

This robot is tiny and it is unlike other “robot” that can be bulky. This makes it convenient pack along wherever you go. To spice up your next device charging experience, tech it out the detail specifications of this smart “robot” @AMAZON!

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