JSAUX BG0106 Steam Deck Carry Case

Steam Deck has been on the market for more than a year (as of this article was written). No surprised if some of you may be thinking of getting some new accessories for your Steam Deck already. No doubt, there are already plenty of cool and useful accessories for Steam Deck by now. And if you are looking for a new case for your Steam Deck, the JSAUX Steam Deck Carrying Case is one of those worth exploring.

JSAUX Steam Deck Carrying Case JSAUX Steam Deck Carrying Case

This case is one of the many that is designed specifically to fit a Steam Deck. Its design has take into consideration of making it a travel convenient carry case. Lets be honest, Steam Deck is not a tiny that you can travel with easily. To get the maximum gaming experience with your Steam Deck especially when you are away from home, there are plenty of items to bring along. This can range from a power bank, dock station, charger to relevant cables too.

JSAUX Steam Deck Carry CaseJSAUX Steam Deck Carry Case

This case comes with a flat compartment at the bottom where the Steam Deck is to be placed in the middle of case instead. This gives a more spacious environment for you to store the necessary accessories base on your needs. There is also pockets available to store up to 5 SD cards. Plus a wider net pocket to store any additional thin and tiny items. The other side of this pocket fleece compartment will serve as a screen protector to the Steam Deck screen.

JSAUX Steam Deck Carry Case

JSAUX Steam Deck Carry Case

Like some of the other Steam Deck Carrying Case, this JSAUX case can turn into a Steam Deck stand too. Overall this carrying case is built with thickened EVA shell to ensure the Steam Deck is well protected. Interested in giving your Steam Deck a new storage house? Tech it out the detail specifications of this Steam Deck hard shell protective case @AMAZON!

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