USB C hub has been a very convenient add-on or extension item for most portable devices nowadays. But most of them are in “dongle” form (well majority I would say). The closest example is one that was shared here.

Landhoo USB C Combo Hub in this case looks totally different. Its a hub but unlike most of the ordinary dongle type, its design is actually meant to attach nicely with your portable device (i.e. a Macbook Pro) like a built-in extension.


Its small and thin, which makes it convenient to bring around especially when you are traveling and you need to extend the ports of your portable device. When it is attached to a portable device such as laptop, it looks almost like as if it is part of the device itself where most dongle would look much like an “add-on” instead. When you are carrying your portable device around, the dongle would be hanging around and it does not gives you much of the convenience that you are hoping for if you could imagine. The Landhoo USB C Hub in this case would fit nicely with your device and there is no need to worry about it getting loose or hanging around while the portable device is being carried around.


I like the fact that it is pretty much compatible with most of the devices that comes with USB C port plus it has decent number of ports to allow you to extend your portable device, ranging from extending your storage with the SD and Micro SD slots available to having more standard USB ports and did you know that it supports Pass-Through Charging via the Type-C port as well!


Tech it out the detail and the price of this built-in look alike USB C hub @Amazon!!!

  1. Hi there
    Your site is very informative and interesting. I hope you get lots of traffic on your site and good luck to the future. I don’t know much about this tech stuff, but this hub can definitively be useful if you have various storage methods. Regards and good luck.

  2. Ever since Mac dropped the USB this has become necessary. But it’s actually quite good. Personally would recommend anyone that still needs the USB on their new MacBooks (practically everyone). It’s quite cheap and you get back all the ports that Mac says is going out with the dinosaurs.
    Thanks for your post

    • Thanks for tech-ing it out. I agree that there are still a lot of standard USB devices that are useful and you still be using them day to day. Hence, having the extra ports would not bring you any disadvantages.

  3. Is the device compatible with other laptops?It seems as though all the snap on USB c hubs are for mackbooks specifically, is this an exception ?

    • Thanks for tech-ing it out. Whilst the title of the product posted in Amazon mentioned MacBook, if you take a look at the FAQ section, there are contributors who mentioned that it works with other brands as long as you have got a USB-C port. However it is recommended to contact the seller directly just to be sure. In case if you are hunting around for other USB-C hub brands, you can check out the listing here too. Hope they helps.

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