GPD Win Max 2 2024

In 2024, is considerably an upgrade year for GPD Team. Post introducing the upgraded GPD Win Mini for year 2024, here comes a GPD Win Max 2 2024 edition as well. As named, this is a successor to the GPD Win Max 2. When both machines are placed side by side, they look identical. The GPD team has actually upgraded the 2024 edition in many aspects. Not just on the inside but there were differences on the outside too. The highlight of this 2024 edition machine would be its change of AMD Ryzen 7 processor. The GPD Win Max 2 2024 is built with either the 8640U or the higher-end 8840U processor instead.

GPD Win Max 2 2024 GPD Win Max 2 2024

Apart from the processor, its GPU has been upgraded too. Depending on the model, the GPD Win Max 2 2024 is offering either the AMD Radeon 780M RDNA3 or the AMD Radeon 760M RDNA3 graphics respectively. Considering the RDNA3 architecture within the graphics and the AVX-512 technology within the processor, this can improved the machine’s performance significantly. There were benchmark against emulating PS3 games where playing games at 60 Fps is achievable. Also depending on the model, GPD Max Win 2 2024 is bundled with LPDDR5x-7500 MT/s RAM with either 16GB/32GB or even up to 64GB range. It no longer offer the 512GB SSD storage however. The higher-end model is equipped with 2TB SSD whereas the 8640U offers the 1TB SSD instead.

GPD Win Max 2 2024 GPD Win Max 2 2024

On the outside, there is no significant changes to its build up. One notable changes would be the introduction of the Oculink port. This port is perfectly compatible with the “GPD G1” eGPU. Additionally, its USB A ports speed has been improved from 5Gbps to 10Gbps type too. The HDMI too have been upgraded, which the port now is capable to output up to 8K/60Hz quality of video. If you have been eyeing for a portable gaming laptop like the GPD Win Max 2 for years, tech it out the GPD Win Max 2 2024 edition instead! They are currently available through crowdfunding platform @INDIEGOGO! Keep an eye on other GPD products and offers through their official online store @ALIEXPRESS too!

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