GPD Win Mini 2024

The GPD added a mini laptop on the shelf in 2023 in the name of GPD Win Mini. Fast forward to 2024, the GPD team has plan to add a newer version of ‘that’ mini laptop with some new addition. Its name is quite telling though, the GPD Win Mini 2024. The main new addition or more like an upgrade, is its chipset. This machine is equipped with the AMD 8000 Series APU processors as opposed to the 7000 series available in its predecessor instead. The processor options include the AMD Ryzen 7’s 8840U as well as the AMD Ryzen 5’s 8640U.

GPD Win Mini 2024 GPD Win Mini 2024

Apart from the chipset, the overall machine is pretty much the same as its predecessor. One other notable changes spotted though, is its exclusive Oculink port in the 2023 edition. The 2024 edition is replaced with a standard USB A port instead. Apart from these notable differences, there are other honorable mention highlights which weren’t mention in the previous article too. Lets use this opportunity to delve into some of these highlights. Its 7 inch retina display comes with anti-reflecting coating which can effectively reduce glare and scratches. It is capable to block blue light too. There is anti-fog coating too which is resistance to dirt and water plus it can reduce fingerprint too.

GPD Win Mini 2024 GPD Win Mini 2024

This laptop is designed with the 3-axis gravity sensing and 3-axis gyroscope too. So, apart from its built-in game controller, the gyroscope allows moving the console as a form of controlling a game play movement too. This can enhance ones’ gaming experience depending on the game played. These GPD Win Minis also feature the precise touchpad which can support up to 4 fingers type of gestures. Also its precision is largely improved compared to some other touchpad in the market.

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