LIMETA EB25 Double-Sided Power Bank

An Apple iPhone coupled with an Apple Watch can form a pretty good portable ecosystem. Hence, it is not surprised that some of us would own both of these devices for our day-to-day use. Having multiple portable devices for day-to-day use may equate to challenges too. Imagine all these devices battery are starting to worn out. Commuting with multiple charging components just to ensure these devices can juice up whenever necessary can be a challenge too. It would be ideal to have a single portable device that can charge up these devices whenever needed. And the Limeta Double-Sided Magnetic Power Bank can do just that.

LIMETA Double-Sided Magnetic Power Bank LIMETA Double-Sided Magnetic Power Bank

As its name, this power bank has two magnetic sides. One for a compatible iPhone (12 series or later) and another for Apple Watch. The magnetic interface which charges the Apple Watch is capable to charge Air Pods too. This device build-up is tiny but it is equipped with 5,000 mAh of batter capacity. At this capacity, it can easily charge up any of the compatible devices to full for at least once. It is worth taking notes that depending on the phone cases thickness and type, some are not compatible with this LIMETA Double-Sided Magnetic Power Bank.

LIMETA Double-Sided Magnetic Power Bank LIMETA Double-Sided Magnetic Power Bank

This power bank is equipped with a USB-C port mainly for charging the gadget itself. This port is capable to deliver up to 18W of power output too. This makes the gadget a universal power bank that can charge up other brands and models of portable device too. Another handy feature which this gadget offers is the ability to connect to its mobile app. When connected with the app, you can have more insights over the remaining power level and/or charging status. On top of that, the app can be used as the power bank locator too.

To have a travel friendly portable charging solution for your Apple devices on your next trip, tech it out the detail specifications of this tiny double-sided magnetic surface power bank @AMAZON!

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