If you find a cubical shape pico projector isn’t your type and you are hoping to get something much thin that you could really bring a display tool in your pocket on the go, the AAXA LED Pico Projector would be an option for you.

It could enlarge your portable device’s display up to 60 inches (In low light conditions) though compare with some other micro/pico projector(s) in the market, this one could be slightly smaller. But it probably still give you a much larger display than your portable display!

It has features that is decent enough for you to enlarge your portable devices display especially when you are traveling and its fairly compatible with many devices in the market due to the standard output ports available.


The available USB & MicroSD reader allows Video & Picture Playback (up to 16GB), hence you may not necessary require a devices such as laptop or tablet/phone to connect with this pico projector and you could still display video/images/content that you wish to on a large display, be it for business or leisure.

The AAXA LED Pico Projector measures at 4.25″ x 2.36″ x 0.7″ in size which is about a size of most average mobile phones. Hence, to put this in your pocket or bag is convenient enough. The boxset itself comes with decent component to enable you to quickly get things started straight off. It does comes with a tripod which helps when adjusting the display is necessary.

Tech it out this cheaper but decent pico projetor option for its price and more details HERE!

  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. I must say that projector is really tiny and will work for anyone on the run all the time. I need a few clarifications
    How long could this work without over-heating?
    What resolutions does it support?
    Would you recommend this for a birthday gift?

    • Thanks for tech-ing it out! Well it was claimed that it can last for up until 80 minutes and I am quoting what is written in the specification “High Definition qHD (960×540) Native Resolution (Max 1080p)”. Hope the information helps. If you are getting this for someone who needs to travel a lot, this may be a good gift I would say. Being able to view things on a bigger display regardless if it is for business or for leisure even when someone is away from home/work would be appreciated I bet.

  2. The AAXA LED Pico Projector looks amazing! I can’t believe that such a small device could give you a picture of 6o inches!
    I do a lot of presentations for work, and due to the lack of mobility of larger projectors I am forced to show them on my laptop.
    This works, but how the AAXA LED Pico Projector could help to change that!
    Can you tell me if it is comparable with all windows platforms, or do I need the latest version to incorporate this projector?

    • Thanks for tech-ing it out. There is no specific mention about OS compatibility though in the product specification and my take is as long as you have got the right output from your device that goes in to the projector’s input (mainly Mini-HDMI up to 1080p), it should do the job.

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