If you are traveling for business and you probably need to do a lot of presentation during your travel, you would mostly likely need an environment with a bigger screen or to be more precised a projector so that you are able to present your material to the audience.

And most of the time, you may have doubt on whether the destination that you will be going would provide such presentation facility. Rather than guessing or ensuring the destination would prepare such facility for you, why not bringing one projector yourself?

The RIF6 Cube projector, is no ordinary projector but its a pico projector. Pico in the sense of being “mini”. Here is how it looks like.


Its so small that it an even just slot it into your pocket or travel bag easily. You could easily find space to slot in something so convenient when travelling. Plus it can stretch up to 120 inch of display for you. How cool! Imagine that this is not just for business, it can be of personal use or leisure such as watching movie and even to play games together with your mates around.


It has the following connectivity: Micro SD, MHL and HDMI, which pretty much would be compatible with many devices (portable one as well) in the market. Here is a simple diagram to gives you an idea how you could get it to work with your devices.


I personally also like the fact that what is package along with this small little device is sufficient to keep you on the go straight off. And tech it out the tripod that comes in the package as well!


If you would like to own one of this “pico” device and to find out its detail, tech it out here!

  1. What a cool little gadget this is. Technology never ceases to surprise me. This mini projector is a great idea. I can see how many uses this would have. Like you say, it’s perfect for business presentations, but also for viewing movies and games.

    I was just doing a search for presentation equipment and software when I came across this article. I’m going to check this little cube projector out further.

  2. Wow, this looks like a cool little device to have! I’d never heard of the RIF6 Cube Pico Projector before, but it definitely sounds like something many people would love.

    The picture here shows how tiny this projector actually is, but works to view a larger screen size…that is awesome! I can see that it would be excellent for traveling since it would fit in a small pocket of a travel bag so nicely.

    Is this rechargeable or does it need to be plugged into an outlet? This would be a great feature if it can be used somewhere that has no power outlets available, or the power is out.

    Anyways, this definitely looks like a handy little device to have for both business projects or just for watching TV or playing games especially when on the go.

    Thanks for sharing! I love learning about new tech devices, but I’d never have known about these Pico projectors until now.

    Best wishes 🙂 ~Sherry

  3. Now that is awesome just how they miniature a projector to fit into a the palm of the hand. I saw projectors that needed a wheel cart, when I was 12 and younger, and I’m a late Generation X member. Pico is the size below nano, so, that shows how large projectors once were.

    Wow, now that’s what I call a change in technology, where a projector can also play video games and provide an opportunity to watch movies; they are not just one dimensional anymore.

    Ok, it comes with a tripod. That makes it a little bigger, but, it has to be mounted on something. I was thinking maybe a table.

    • Hi David, thanks for your comment. The package does come with the tripod but it is not compulsory to use it everytime if you are already at an environment where you an conveniently place the projector (i.e. table like what you said). So you may use the tripod only when you see fit.

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