Most power banks are standalone device by itself where though it helps charge up your portable devices, it needs to be charged in return as well in order to power up the power bank itself. This would mean that in most cases or when you are traveling you would need to bring along a power adapter or so to charge up your power bank. If you could remove the “power adapter” out of the equation and keep 1x power bank where the power bank could plug to a wall to charge it up that would be convenient and useful especially when you are traveling correct?

The TYLT Smart Charger 7x would give you this convenience in this case.


Its a power bank with built-in USB C cable wrap around the power bank itself so that you could easily charge up any devices that rely on USB C port to charge. It is built in with wall prongs as well so that the power bank ca be charged as needed without any additional power adapter point needed or to bring along when traveling.


With 13,400 mAh battery, the power bank itself is capable to fully charge a laptop or averagely fully charge up a phone for up to 7x. The built in USB C cable is a convenient feature but it may not charge other devices that does not support charging via USB C port. Not to worry about it because it also comes with a standard USB port where you could still charge your other devices via this port.


Tech it out the detail and the price of this convenient plus travel friendly device HERE!

  1. Wow, this thing looks amazing, really, it’s exactly what I am looking for.

    I Have so many devices that sometimes I forget to charge some of them… if is not my iPhone is my Apple Watch and its a pain going to work having battery issues.

    This wall charger completely solves my problem….

    One question though, do you think it could charge my ps4 controller while I’m playing?

    I don’t like it when I have to stop playing just tu charge it cause The cables are so short…

    Thanks and have a nice day

    • Thanks for tech-ing it out! And I am glad you asked with regards to the PS4 controller. I don’t have the controller myself though hence I am not too sure how compatible the charging would be. I wasn’t aware of a specific list of compatible device too however, I would assume that it works like a normal powerbank, hence, if you could charge your PS4 controller with a normal powerbank, I think this would not give you too much of a different either.

  2. This is definitely something I have been searching for. When we travel as a family we have a number of electronic devices that need to be charged. The kids have a phone and a tablet each, my wife and I each have a phone and usually a laptop. The smart charger would be a great way for us to keep up! That seems like a lot of power if it can fully charge a laptop. How many devices can be charged at one time?

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