Octobuddy Max

Nowadays, smartphone is multipurpose and its not just function as a mobile phone. They no longer being used just to make calls or texting. It can even function as your main camera when traveling for many of us. This totally replaces the need to bring along a digital camera wherever you go. With smartphone also being used as a camera, it can be challenging at times especially you are traveling alone. Imagine the need to take selfie or taking a picture of yourself with beautiful background. Bringing along items like phone tripod or selfie stick, etc. can mean bringing more things with you.

Octobuddy Max Octobuddy Max

But if it is something that is lightweight, not taking up any space plus serve the purpose, like the Octobuddy Max, it can be a solution worth considering. This Octobuddy Max is a simple silicone suction cup mount that can be attached easily to the back of a smartphone easily. It is as if part of the phone, hence, not taking up any additional spaces in your travel bag. Also, weighing only at ~9g, it would not add too much weight to your pocket either. This simple flat attachment approach will however gives you additional convenience however.

Octobuddy MaxOctobuddy Max

With a strong suction design, you can easily mount your smartphone onto a mirror, mirrors and other flat surfaces. This then form like a hands free phone stand solution. Watch video or surf content without one hand holding the phone. So when you are traveling alone, you can easily take selfies or video of yourself too in this case. Installing the Octobuddy Max with your smartphone is not rocket science as well. Just simply peel and stick it at the back of the smartphone (smooth surface). To have the extra convenience especially when you are traveling alone on your next trip, tech it out this simple lightweight silicone suction phone accessory @AMAZON!

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