If you are someone who tends to be forgetful of where you place your belongings or lose thing regardless if you are traveling or even at home, the Tile Mate would be a good friend of yours.


This mate of yours could help you to find almost anything via the Tile App installed in your phone. You can attach the tile mate against almost anything, you name it, keys, camera, bags, wallet, laptop, basically anything that you could think of that you may need to find for it at some point.


Its also a two way finder actually. You could use your phone to find the things with the tile being attached with but you could in return use the tile to find your phone too. It would make your phone rings even when it is in silent mode! Plus, you would have a community tile members to help you search for your lost items. So you are not quite alone with your mate, but you have other people who uses tile to help with the search!

You would love to have a friend like this? Tech it out HERE for details and the price mate!

  1. I had never heard of these before – they’re ace! I’ve just ordered a pack of 4 of the cheaper ones – thanks for the information. As a busy mum with ADHD I think these will be a godsend!!

  2. This is a cool gadget and it looks like it could be really useful for a lot of people. I know plenty of people that are unorganized and lose time every day because they are always running around the house looking for the car keys or purse. The good thing is that this isn’t to expensive so it would make a great gift for some forgetful friends.

  3. Finally I won’t have to worry about losing my stuff. It always puts me in such a panic when I can’t find my keys or something. This would definitely make me feel better when I misplace them.

    Do these have a lifespan? How long do they last before you’d need to replace it?

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