Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 15 Max

Protecting an iPhone is as important as protecting your wallet in my opinion. Getting your wallet to protect your iPhone is another angle worth looking into in this case. Think about having a single item that can act as a wallet. But on top of just protecting your cards, cash, etc. it can protects an iPhone too. This is what exactly the Twelve South BookBook for iPhones can do. Well its a book at a quick glance to be honest. It does not look like a wallet nor an iPhone case on first impression for sure.

Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 15 Max Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 15 Max

When the book cover is opened, it looks more like a wallet instead. It has 4 slots available to store cards and identity card where applicable. It also has a side pocket facing in which can be used to store cash or receipts. This wallet or book (depending on your preference), is crafted using premium quality full-grain leather material. This Twelve South BookBook for iPhones series comes with a separate magnetic case too. This is the actual case for the iPhone instead. Also crafted using full-grain leather, this separate case can easily attach with the book cover (or the wallet you might say). This turn the whole ecosystem into a flip iPhone case cum wallet.

Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 15 MaxTwelve South BookBook for iPhone 15 Max

With the magnetic concept, the phone can be easily detached from the wallet whenever needed. This can be either during a phone call, charging the phone wireless or with MagSafe which may not be achieved through the book cover or when you feel like it. This gives you the flexibility on whether you want to have the wallet and the iPhone case as separate or combined as one. This Twelve South BookBook for iPhone has a hidden feature too which it can also be turned into an iPhone stand. To protect your iPhone, identity card, card, cash, etc. in a premium built book, tech it out the detail specifications of this mini book @AMAZON!

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