AOHi Starship Power Bank

Having a high performance charging station is a luxury. With the ever growing technology, having more than one portable device is becoming a norm. Keeping these devices juice up in a short period of time is definitely a plus especially when you are not at home. It would be extremely efficient especially when the charging station can charge multiple devices at a high delivery power simultaneously. In this case, there is no need to wait for one to be fully charged before the next one. And the AOHi Starship is one of the gadget in the market that can give you that.

AOHI Starship Power Bank AOHI Starship Power Bank

This cyberpunk inspired design gadget can act as a high performance charging station to multiple devices simultaneously. It comes with a 3 USB-C ports and a single USB-A ports. The independent USB-C input port is capable to take up to 140W of power. This makes the gadget a device capable to be fast charged. During charging mode, the two USB-C ports are capable to deliver up to 140W of output power. This makes any device (i.e. imagine two laptops) being charge through these two ports has the potential to be charged in a shorter period of time, simultaneously. The USB-A port can be used as a charging port too at a lower power output.

AOHI Starship Power BankAOHi Starship Power Bank

AOHi Starship Power BankAOHi Starship Power Bank

When the input port is detached from a power source, this gadget is turned into a power bank. It can gives a massive 40,000 mAh of battery capacity. With this battery capacity, it is capable to charge many devices in full for up to twice or more. With the intelligent power planted in this device, the power can be distributed according to the requirements of different devices being charged at the time. This power bank also has the capability to recharge itself through the PD charge mode when the output demand is lower than the input power.

This high performance convenient portable power source is currently being hosted for crowd funding. Tech it out the specifications and built features of this gadget @INDIEGOGO!

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