Some people travel with their laptop mouse as they may not fancy using the built-in mousepad. It may takes up your travel bag spaces even if it is a mini+wireless type and you may prefer to save up more space by bringing something much smaller and much convenient. If this thought did come to your mind, then bring Tracpoint along with you instead!

Its a tiny little mouse that do not just function as a mouse but it can be transformed for other use too. With its tiny size and weighing at ~24g, this device allows you to easily navigate your point like as if you are holding a pen. You do not necessarily need a big flat area to host this device, you can be productive even in an optimised mobile workspace.

Besides being a tiny mouse that can help with your productivity, it can be used for presenting your slides or screen too. Its a pretty presenter friendly device where you can use it not only navigate between your slides, you can use it to highlight the area where you want to emphasize on via it SpotPoint feature. Additionally, you can use it to activate a link or even use it to switch between applications.

This device battery is rechargeable so it makes it more convenient and worry free from its battery being worn out. Its claimed that with an hour charge, the mouse can survived for up to 2 weeks!

This convenient and tiny little device is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign, if you are interested to find out more, tech it out and back it up @KICKSTARTER!

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