There is a lot of power bank in the market that comes in various size and battery capacity. Though some are built with pretty slim in size but most of the time they are about a size of your phone. Some may find it troublesome to carry such power bank as if you are carrying two phones just to save your actual phone from running out of battery. How about a slim power bank with the size of poker card?


The Kolumb Wallet Pocket Power Card Power Bank which comes in black or white color is one the power bank on earth that is slim + small in size. It comes with 2,500 mAh battery capacity which is good enough to fully charge a phone (i.e. iPhone 7 or 8) depending on the battery size of the phone. The fact is, it is so small that it makes your traveling so convenient that it won’t even take up your pocket space and yet able to charge your phone to almost full at least once.

To compliment the size and convenience, most power bank may probably has built-in micro USB cable that makes them looks pretty convenient. Well you do not need to bring the cables along and its attach nicely with the power bank. What stands out for the Kolumb Wallet Pocket Power is that it provides a slot to hold an iPhone lightning adapter too. This would make the slim power bank pretty “universal” and convenient.


If you too are interested to have one of this in your wallet or pocket, tech it out this poker card size power bank for its detail and price HERE!

  1. Hi Tony,
    Thanks for your post on this. I’ve never seen these power banks so small! The one I have at the moment requires a small backpack to cart it around so can see some real use of this one. Do you have an idea of how many charges you could get out of the device before it needs charging again?


    • Thanks for tech-ing it out! It has 2,500 mAh which usually it is sufficient to charge up a smart phone (still depending on what is the battery capacity of your phone though). Say if you have a phone with a battery capacity of 2,000 mAh, you could at least fully charge the phone 1x and by maths, you should have another 500 mAh to charge for other devices before you need to power up this bank again.

  2. I have never seen such a light and small power bank. Truth is that I have a 10000 mah one myself and I was never worried by its size, although I can relate to people feeling uncomfortable walking around with a thick powerbank. What interested me mostly but was not mentioned in your review is how well and quickly this power bank charges your phone. Most slim power banks that I know of are not very good and may give up after a couple of months.

    • Thanks for the question and tech-ing it out! The product page mentioned that it has an output of DC5V-1A and as far as I know it varies from what is the battery’s capacity of the different phone that you are having. I am not good with the calculation myself but I found a discussion about what is the maths to work it out. I hope it helps.

    • Thanks for tech-ing it out. Just like most powerbanks, as soon as you connect your device with the cable it would then activate the powerbank itself and start charging the device. I hope this helps.

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