If you are someone who like to be organised including how your things are being put in your luggage (like myself) when traveling, you probably need an portable shelve like the RISE.


Its a shelve with multiple useful compartments, allowing you to organise the things that you are going to bring along when traveling. When done, all you need to do is just fit it into your luggage or bag and off you go. When you arrive in your hotel or your stay, you could just take it off from your luggage and hang it anywhere you see fit (i.e. in the closet or door). So it saves up your time to unpack what is in your luggage and start using it where necessary.


RISE comes with an additional shoe compartment and a laundry compartment too. Hence, you can easily separate your dirty clothes and shoe with the clean clothes that have yet to be used. At the end of your travel, you can continue to keep the used/dirty clothes in the laundry compartment and leave the unused clothes in the original compartment. This allows you to pack things up quickly and fit it back into the luggage.


Tech it out for detail features which this well-organised shelves could offer you @AMAZON!

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