When you travel (say for work or even just for leisure) and so happen that you realised that you need to bring along your USB wired/wireless mouse. At times, you may find it difficult to organise and slot it into your traveling bag. Some of the reason that I can think of for being troublesome to bring along a desktop/laptop mouse are:

  • It could be bulky (probable, if you have a standard desktop mouse)
  • If it is a wired mouse, you may find it troublesome to tie the cable up nicely so that it doesn’t takes up the space or tangled up with something else
  • If it is a wireless, you may need to be mindful on whether the battery runs out soon

It could be a common factor. I believe some do not mind about these but some do like myself. There is one USB wired mouse that I am quite impress with and I find it pretty convenient to travel with is the Logitech Optical Notebook USB Mouse Plus.


It is a wired USB mouse for sure but the size isn’t too small as compared to most of the laptop mini mouse and its not as big as desktop type of mouse either. It is just about right (in terms of size).

What I like most and why do I classify it as extremely convenient is that it has the cord wrap feature. What does it mean? In this case, this mouse has a feature whereby you could wrap the wire/cord around it and attach the USB end with the mouse.

For example (just an example not the exact model though)

And hence:

Its neat! Where you could just dump it into your travel bag without needing to worry whether the wire will be messy and does the mouse takes up spaces. I have one myself for about 5 years now and so far it is giving me zero problem. And it does save up a lot of my bag space. If you look at the troublesome factor(s) that I list out earlier, they probably get strike off with this Logitech Cord Wrap USB Mouse.

Tech it out the detail specification of this little cord wrap mouse and its price here.

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