Its pretty common to think that your iPhone or iPad may no longer work as expected especially when you start seeing the the device isn’t charge up intermittently. This is annoying and you may feel like getting a new phone or tablet instead. Don’t give up, they may still alive! There are proven scenario that the intermittent charging issue may be due to the device’s Lightning port is getting extremely dirty or it could be that the cable’s Lightning connector itself is not clean enough. When the Lightning ports, cables and connectors are clean up, there are successful situation where the charging consistency is back in business. The PurePort Multi-Tool Kit is a cleansing solution to your Apple’s Lightning condition.

PurePort Multi-Tool Kit PurePort Multi-Tool Kit

Keeping the iPhone and iPad clean externally is not enough to keep its lifespan longer. Maintaining and ensuring that its Lightning accessories clean plays a big part to extend your device’s lifespan too. And PurePort is a single gadget that can provide 6 different tools to help keeping the Apple’s Lightning port, cable and the connector clean. This gives you a good one-stop cleansing solution instead of getting many different tools to clean the different items.

Tool 1, 2 and 3 can clean lint, hair, fluff, dust, oils and other contaminants that exists on the iPhone or iPad Lightning port. Whereas tool 4 and 5 plus the included conductivity solution can help clean up plus restore connectivity to your cables and accessories. These tools can also repair arcing/oxide damaged (blackened) pins on connectors too. And finally, with tool 6 and cloth, you can brush off lint and fluff from the device’s speakers, microphone and switches. The include lint free micro-fiber cloth can help clean up the surfaces too.

Looking to better maintain your iPhone and/or iPad or thinking of a gift for your love ones? Tech it out the details of this one-stop cleansing solution for the Apple devices’ Lightning ports, cables and connectors @AMAZON!

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