With many countries starting to ease their travel restrictions, many travelers are eager to get back on their travel plan as well. It is starting to be a norm too to take the extra protection items as part of the travel essential accessories. From face mask, face shields to hand sanitizers and many other devices that would help makes the environment as virus clean as possible. A UV light sanitizer wand like the one which AWE digital offers is one of the portable sanitizing device that is worth to make it into your travel bag too.

AWE Digital UV Light Sanitizer Wand AWE Digital UV Light Sanitizer Wand

This portable device in the shape of wand is a disinfector lamp sterilizer that is powered by UV-C ultraviolet light. It is claimed that the UV-C light can potentially kills 99.9% of harmful substances. If you are a traveler who is pretty vigilant during this pandemic period, you might be thinking about trying your very best to sanitize every single thing and corner at your travel destination. This is good but might be tiring if you are doing it with wipes or so. This wand which emits the UV-C light is an alternative that would help to save up your time and effort too. Expose the light to almost any surface that you want to sterilize like how you would do it with wipes or sanitizing liquid but with lesser effort.

While many claims that the surface would only need to be exposed to the light for approximately 15 seconds but it is recommended to point the light for approximately 60 seconds or more instead to be more effective. PLEASE DON’T point the UV-C light directly on human body, pets, plants and avoid looking at the light directly with your eyes.

To have the extra protection and feeling safe when you check-in to your hotel or travel accommodation, tech it out this travel friendly UV-C Light wand @AMAZON!

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