When you need to be away from home for many days, you sometimes need to pack a lot of essential items with you. It would be troublesome to bring along multiple bags just to fit all the items that you want but you yourself is carrying them all. The Nomatic 40L Travel Bag may be able to help reduce the number of baggage that you need to bring whenever you are traveling for many days.

Its a backpack that can turn into (if you prefer) duffel mode. This bag can fit items that you will bringing for traveling up to approximately 7 days (it really depends on what you will bringing actually). This water repellent bag measures at 21” x 14”x 9” which fits the maximum size allowed on standard airline, hence its not necessary to check in this bag.

The bag has shoe compartment that allows you to bring an additional pair of shoe with you. It has a separate socks/underwear compartment so that you can separate them from your other clothes or other items. The laptop compartment do not just fit a single 15″ laptop, but it has additional slot for your tablet too and its TSA compliant. If you are bringing other tech gadgets or travel accessories with you, these can be slot into the side compartment next to the RFID and security pocket.

This bag comes with a laundry bag so that you can store clothes that you’ve wore into a separate compartment. You could later then chuck this laundry bag into the bag without further packing. It comes with 2x detachable waist straps so that you can keep items that you may use it often into these compartment available on the straps (i.e. handphone, passport, etc.).

Interested to get one before you next travel? Tech it out the detail feature of this convenient and travel friendly bag @AMAZON!

  1. Hi I like the way this clearly laid out and can be easily transformed into so much more than a luggage case. I think it sounds like a good investment for someone who is going to go travelling a lot, or on business trips for example. I’m not sure if I’d bother with it if I’m only going on the annual holiday each year. I would love to hear your thoughts. 

  2. This one big traveling bag that is enough to carry all you need for more than two weeks I love and  I love the fact that it has slot for apair of shoes and my laptop that means I don’t have to go carrying another bag as a laptop it easy and convenient to carry around it’s a good bag

  3. Great and precise review. You really explained in detailed the features of the nomatic 40L travel bag. I can’t agree less with you that the bag is checkpoint compatible. I will like get this bag because it will help in carrying my laptop and still provide additional space for my tablet. I broke my laptop screen the last time I was packing my stuffs in my mini bag and it was really a horrible experience. Can you please talk about the price list? 

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