With the many devices one owns and the limited number of power source, it could be a challenge to charge up all the devices at once. You may have this challenge when the hotel/accommodation that you check-in only gives you limited number of power source point and it could be worse if you are traveling with friends or partners who have their own devices that need to be charged at the same time too. This situation may happen at home too. Bringing a bulky and heavy charging station when traveling (not so much of trouble if it is at home), would not be a good option. However, a slim and support for simultaneous multi-devices charge power station like the Nomad Wireless Charging Base Station could be a good option to be considered.


This slim charging station can charged up to 2x Qi enabled smartphones for up to 10W power each. It also comes with an additional USB-A port and 1x USB-C port to charge up your other devices that may or may not be compatible to be charged with the wireless charging pad. All the charging sources can be used simultaneously. Do read up some comments shared here, as it is claimed that the devices need to be placed appropriately on the wireless pad in order to get it charged. However, if you are in need to get your devices battery to be charged, positioning it correctly to get job done mat not be too much of a trouble. There is LED indicators built-in that would gives you the idea of which device placed on the wireless charging pad is fully charge or still in progress too.

Measuring at ~ 24cm x 19.5cm x 5cm and weighs only at ~ 0.7 kg, this gadget would be a good option to enable you to reduce the number of power adapters that you need to travel along (or need at home) in order to just juice up the multiple devices that you and your family member/partners/friends own. Just pack it along in your travel bag and has less worry over whether the hotel/accommodation that you will be heading to has enough power source to satisfy all your devices at the same time.

Tech it out the detail specifications and the design features of this slim wireless charging station for multi-devices simultaneously @AMAZON!

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