Some of us fancy bringing our headphone/earphone with us wherever we go. Such gadget helps providing the convenient that we are aiming for (i.e. talking on the phone without occupying your hand, listening to your favourite musics/content without disturbing the surrounding and many more). Devices like this is particularly helpful if you are traveling, driving or especially if both of your hands need to be occupied for something more important. While it gives you the result and focus you are craving for, some may find it dangerous to a certain degree (i.e. hygiene factor, distraction factor especially you are driving or walking on a busy road, etc.).


Ludbeat introduces a brand new way of wearing a headphone/earphone that can solve some of the worry that you may have and still gives you the outcome you are hoping for. Instead of tucking the device into your ears or covering your ears, why not placing it near instead. And this is what Ludbeat can do. Ludbeat uses the bone conduction technology concept to achieve this effect (there are scientific explanation about this but its best to refer to the source to know more). With a special type of patch on the headset device, this headset can stay on your skin safely for at least 4 days.

Alternatively, Ludbeat provides you clasp which enable you to attach the headset to your usual wearable accessories (i.e. glasses, helmet, sports bandage, etc.) to enable you to conveniently use it for many different occasions. This earphone set can gives you a maximum of up to 20 hours battery life where it can be easily charged to full in just ~ an hour time. You can charge the device via the USB-C port available through the casing or charge it wireless-ly too.

This special design headphone is currently being hosted and published for crowdfunding purposes, you can tech it out the detail specifications and how it works in more detail @INDIEGOGO!

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