If you are someone who likes to bring along a tablet (i.e. for e-book reading or so) while you are in the bathroom (I wouldn’t rule out if there is anyone like that, hand raise for myself) or if you like to travel to places where most of the time its close to water activities (beach, swim pools, etc.) and yet you still want to bring along your e-book tablet without the need to worry if it may accidentally got soak by water, then the Kindle Oasis would be an option for you.


Its waterproof as claimed where it protect against immersion in up to two meters of fresh water for up to 60 minutes (my bathtub isn’t 2M depth for sure, safe).

I like the fact that its 7-inch and its design is slim plus small enough (6.3″ x 5.6″ x 0.13-0.33″ (159 mm x 141 mm x 3.4-8.3 mm)) which travelers would find it convenient to bring along as well as e-read books conveniently at anytime.


One other feature that I loves a lot is that it has a glare free screen (with its adaptive front light feature). Unlike some tablets in the market where when you are expose to sun light (for example) you may find reading or viewing the screen difficult. As an e-reader or a tablet user, I bet you would appreciate it if the screen is adjusted automatically so that you can view the content as usual or at least as clear as possible.

Tech it out for its other impressive feature(s) and detail at its very own AMAZON site!

  1. At last.. I often get frustrated when expensive devices like these aren’t made waterproof in the first place. We all know they have the tech and the knowhow to do it but don’t rush to make them waterproof because making these devices to robust and damage proof brings down the profit margins. So although its been a long time coming I give a small but grateful applause to Kindle for finally getting round to making it happen. I am actually looking forward to the new tech to become available that positions the device at the perfect angle and position for you to read no matter what positions your body and eyeline is in. I’m thinking it would have to be connected to a silent drone that can hover and move in harmony with your every movement. Or maybe they can simply project the words in my minds eye as though you are telling yourself the story perfectly from memory. Great ideas huh?!

    • Thanks for tech-ing it out. Does sounds like a good idea to me but I’ll let the other tech readers who is reading to decide if such idea should roll out anytime soon.

  2. I was expecting a waterproof version of kindle would have come sooner, since it is a product that is used outdoors could easily get wet when it suddenly rains.

    With a protection against 2 meters immersion, rain would surely not affect the Oasis kindle.

    It’s slightly expensive but higher GB and waterproof features make it worthwhile to have.

    • Thanks for tech-ing it out. Waterproof and its glare-free feature is definitely something worth making it to a e-readers wishlist. Appreciate your comment.

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