When you are traveling, how about some round of retro games to accompany you to your next travel destination? You may have your phone or portable device that enables you install or download such games. But it may be easier to just bringing along a mini arcade game console that serves heaps of retro games. The iWaWa Mini Arcade Games is one of the mini/portable console that serves up to 200 games.


It comes with a built-in 2.5′ TFT screen that allows running 16-bit color games. And its only measured at 7X3.5X3.5 inches, small enough for you to bring along with you while you are traveling yet with the capability to give you some entertainment. All you need is just 3 x AA batteries and it an last you for approximately 3-4 hours of entertainment.

The games range from the classic sports, action or venture games to even education related games which suits for entertaining kids that may be traveling with you. And here are some snapshots of the available games in this tiny machine.


Tech it out the detail of this budget little game console @AMAZON!

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