Its really convenient when you do not have to bring any extra charging cable(s) plus a power bank with you whenever you step out of your house door. Its extra convenient when you know that you do not have to worry that your power bank is only compatible to charge certain device and that the necessary cable need to present to get the device juiced up. These conveniency if you have an iWalk Scorpion Ultra Slim Power Bank.

The most interesting that catches my eyes is that its slim plus it has all the cables that you possibly need to your devices to date (most devices but not necessary all type of devices) being built-in. The built-in cables being USB Type C, Micro USB, Lightning and it even built-in a standard USB cable for recharging the power bank itself. Plus it has a decent 8,000mAh battery capacity as well as the fast charging feature that allows you to charge up to 3 devices at one go.


I also like the fact that it allows pass-through charging which not all power bank in the market (well at least the one that I used to own doesn’t). This is really helpful in situation where all your devices PLUS the scorpion itself is low of battery. In a way, the scorpion itself is already acting as the specific charging cable for your specific device while you are charging the scorpion too.

This scorpion is more than just a power bank with built-in cables. Tech it out for the additional feature(s) and the conveniency that this device could brings to you HERE!

  1. Spot On Website!

    I have a portable charger I received as a gift. I love it but the iWalk Scorpion is a definite step above.

    I love how thin it is and the ability to link multiple devices is perfect. I can’t do that on my portable charger. Also not having to carry cables is great.

    Finally the price is right, very reasonable.

    Thanks for reviewing this item, it is a great option.

  2. Hey, I really enjoyed your review about the iWalk Scorpion Power Bank. What I really love about that product is that I can charge more than one device and that I don’t need to pack cables is my bag as well. I had a charger battery that was able to charge my phone once and then it was empty. It was better than nothing, but charging it 3 times in on go is way better.

    • Thanks for tech-ing this one out. Indeed, if you need to be able to charge your phone more than once, you probably need a power bank that has much higher battery capacity than your device. The iWalk Scorpion Power Bank has 8k mAh capacity in this case.

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