If you are traveling for a weekend or a couple of days, you probably do not fancy bringing too many bags with you. A backpack that fits all your favorite/essential travel items would be good. The Gruv Gear Flight-Smart Tech Backpack may be an ideal bag in this case.

It looks like an ordinary backpack with multiple compartment where you could just dump all your essentials and off you go. However, you could be more organised with this bag. It has two drawers to allow you to put your smaller bags (as the sub-compartment) onto these drawers. This bag is not just about drawers that allow you to organised with more smaller bags, you could also drop your laptop, tablets, plus spaces to fit some other bigger items into it.

The laptop compartment does not only fit a single laptop, if you have tablet or other devices with you, there is sufficient space to go in together as well. With the optional TSA friendly tethered sleeve, you don’t necessarily need to take everything off the bag when going through the checkpoint in the airport.

With the friendly compartments and spaces provided by this bag, it is friendly to be used when going on a short trip or perhaps as a “hand-carry” bag when you are at the airport.

Tech it out for detail features of this convenient and spacious backpack for your next short/long trip @AMAZON!

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