Glocusent LED Neck Lighting

Light supply is important for someone who loves to stay up late or longer during the night. You would like to do some reading or so before bed time. But it will be annoying if you keep the room light on while people around you is trying to sleep. You do not get to enjoy reading your favorite book and your partners would not get a good sleep. It is a disadvantage for all parties. The Glocusent LED Neck Lighting is a good option to have in this case.


Glocusent LEd Neck Lighting Glocusent LED Neck Lighting

Comes in three separate colors (grey, lake blue and pink) to suit your taste, this device can supply lighting just for yourself when you are at somewhere dark. Hang the device around your neck and turn it on to have all the light focusing on the things you are doing. It gives you a total hands free environment and its arm are adjustable to get the most comfortable angle. This gadget has 3 different light colors (yellow, warm white and cool white) plus it allows you to adjust the brightness level to suit your eyes when in use. Its special beam angle design helps gives the bright light to the area you positioned the light at without lighting up the surrounding.

Glocusent LED Neck Lighting comes with 1,000 mAh battery capacity and can be recharged easily via its USB Type-C port. No additional wire attach require to keep it on and its durable (up to 80 hours) depending on the light setup too. Weighing at ~131 g and being flexible to fold, this gadget is convenient to be packed along when traveling and can be used anywhere even at home.

To get the lighting that can satisfy your need especially in dark area but surrounding friendly, tech it out the details of this hands-free gadget that can be used in many situation but not limited to reading (i.e. camping, knitting, repairing and many more) @AMAZON!

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