Elevation Lab DraftTable V2

Traveling with a tablet is pretty common to many of us nowadays. It is convenient to travel with and it can do a lot for us, from leisure to even delivering work. Despite the convenience, it could still be a challenge to some of us who are not comfortable with using the tablet when its not at the right angle. Many tablet cases offer the stand feature, but majority only enable the tablet to stand at a specific angle. Depending on what you are trying to do with the tablet, the specific standing angle may not be the ideal one which you are looking for.

Elevation Lab DraftTable V2 for iPad Pro Elevation Lab DraftTable V2 for iPad Pro

The Elevation Lab Draftable V2 for iPad Pro is a tablet stand solution that may be able to gives you the angle that suits you depending on the occasions. Though the stand may be designed for iPad Pro as its name claimed, but in general it can be used by other tablets too. This stand can be served as a stand for your laptop too. The Elevation Lab Draftable V2 comes with 4 adjustable angle positions allowing you to adjust up to a comfortable angle that suits what you are doing at the point of time.

This stand is designed to be rock solid too. Which enables your tablet to be hold at a still position when in used. This feature is specifically useful for those who draws on the iPad. When not in used, the Elevation Lab Draftable V2 can be folded flat. This allows you to conveniently store the stands in the bag especially if you are using it offsite. If you are using your tablet for most of the things you do be it leisure or work, tech it out the details of this solid build tablet stand which enable you to flexibly adjust to an angle of your preference @AMAZON!

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