When traveling for work or pleasure, you may bring along your laptop as well as its essential accessories (i.e. USB hub, external hard drive, etc.) to ensure that you have all you need at your fingertips when the laptop is turned on. Some (if not all) of the accessories are usually in the form of dongle and rely closely on USB cable (or cable) connectivity in general. The accessories can be a hassle if you hook it up with your laptop but you do not have a convenient place to rest the accessories when using your laptop. With DriverSlide, you can easily attach the eseential accessories with your laptop without worrying that they would slipped off or has no convenient place to rest on.


DriverSlide allows you to securely attach the laptop accessories on the laptop itself by hosting the “lock” on the laptop body and the “key” on the accessory. The “lock” comes in an ultra-thin design (~0.1 inch) so that your laptop and the “lock” itself can still be slot into your laptop bag or case without issue. The “key” on the other hand can always be attached with the accessory so that it can be slide on to the “lock” at anytime, whenever needed.

With the flexibility of how and where the “lock” should be position, you can have multiple “lock” and “key” so that you can attach more than 1 essential accessory with the laptop seamlessly. The DriverSlide comes in two different colors so that you can choose one which suits your laptop better.

To have a more hassle free journey with your laptop and its accessories on your next business/leisure trip, tech it out this simple gadget idea which allows you to ensure the accessories stays with your laptop at all time @INDIEGOGO!

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