If you prefer to navigate your desktop, laptop or even your tablet (yes you read it correctly) with a mouse, you may want to consider a wireless mouse like the CheerPod.

This wireless mouse isn’t in an ordinary “mouse” shape per se, but it can do more than what an ordinary mouse could. Apart from operating CheerPod on the ground and do what most of the mouse can do, it can be easily switched and use it in the air as well. With the built-in laser pointer and other additional functionality such as zoom in/out, switching pages or scroll functionality via simple gesture, CheerPod can be treated as a presentation tool too in this case. CheerPod can act like a remote control too if you happen to mirror your laptop/tablet content on your TV.

Unlike other wireless mouse in the market which may require an additional receiver to connect with your main device, CheerPod can be easily connected via bluetooth just like how most wireless earbuds are being connected with the main device. Measuring at ~67 x 36 x 10.8mm and weighs only at ~33g, CheerPod can be a travel friendly mouse without any additional devices (i.e. the receiver). It is also estimated that CheerPod can last up to 20 days or more when its fully charged, so there is no need to worry that the mouse is running out of battery even when you are traveling and you may be away from a power source for a long period of time.

CheerPod can support up to approximately 17 different hand gestures to allow you to easily control the mouse either in ground or air mode at the tips of your fingers and to navigate with different type of devices. Tech it out the different gestures pattern and the detail functionality that this tiny little mouse can offer via its crowd funding page @INDIEGOGO!

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