When we talk about travelling or being away from home with your portable devices/gadgets, the devices (powered type) would eventually run out of battery or power if you stay outside. Power banks will be very valuable in most cases especially you are outside from any places that could give you power supply. But there are chances that the power bank itself would run out of power too. True? What if you will be outside for a long period of time and there is no power supply to charge your devices and even your power bank?

The Allpowers Portable Mobile Solar Power Bank might come in handy in this case.


Its not just an ordinary 12,000mAh power bank which you can charge if it runs out of power itself, but you could also charge via the solar panel when necessary. Hence, you do not always need to make sure that you need to be at a place with power supply to charge, all you need is sun light and you could still survive and wouldn’t run out of power for the power bank itself as well as your other portable devices. Well, if you are at a place that do not supply sun light plus power supply, can’t help it though…. back to square one.

The device size itself is not too bad though, just about the size of your ordinary phone. See!

You wouldn’t mind bringing along such a useful device (when you needed one desperately) yet it won’t take up too much of your travel bag spaces wouldn’t you?

And….. here is an idea of how much power it would gives you when its being charged fully via solar power or power supply.

Its rugged in the sense that, this device also featured with water resistant, dust proof, shock and drop resistant functions. Plus it has a built in LED light, not too sure how useful it is but you never know, cause I think I would need it at some point myself and never say no to extra features. They can be very handy to some degree.

Tech it out this convenient and portable solar device @AliExpress for its detail and best prices!

  1. I love the idea of the solar power bank. I am a backpacker with a lot of gadgets that I have to constantly worry about charging while out in the wilderness for multiple days at a time.

    Do you happen to know if this can recharge an Apple Watch? I am struggling to find a power bank, ideally a SOLAR power bank, that can accomplish this.

    Also, I was wondering, in full sun, how long do you think it would take (approximately) to charge the power bank?


    • Thanks for stopping here. I don’t have an Apple Watch myself, but I found a few promising gadgets @Amazon. You may want to browse through and find one which suits you. I found some that even allow you to charge both phone and the watch at the same time!

      As for the time a solar power bank will be fully charged under the sun, I am not very good around my maths and they seems to incur some complication (in the sense that, a lot of factor you need to consider) to get the calculation up, hence I gave up. But the article here seems promising and I hope it helps you.

  2. Hi, thanks for this review. A portable solar powered charger bank is definitely a cool piece of technology. I can imagine it being very useful at festivals, I know that for myself and it seems everyone is always looking for somewhere to charge their phone and find their friends again! Also really good for camping trips. Think I’ll put this one on my Christmas list for next seasons festivals. Thanks again and all the best to you,

    • Thanks for tech-ing this out and your suggestion over the folding solar panels that supplies power. Indeed there are many other fold-able solar USB power available in the market similar to what you have suggested and they are worth being tech-out too!

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