Bold 2

Fast charge is one of the most common feature to look out for when charging your devices. Especially during travel with multiple mobile devices era. You would prefer most if not all the devices were to be charged up as soon as possible. This will allow you to continue to use the devices on the go. Whilst there are plenty of gadgets on the market which supports fast charging devices, the BOLD 2 power bank is one the power bank capable to output up to a combined 290W.


This power bank is equipped with 27,000 mAh of high battery capacity capable to charge a wide range USB chargeable devices. This power bank uses the Graphene type battery which are lighter and durable. At the top side of this device, there are two wireless interfaces available for Apple Watch and wireless chargeable devices (i.e. smartphones, iPod, etc.) respectively. The wireless interface for phones is capable to output up to 15W of power. Also the surface is MagSafe compatible which allows an iPhone to be attached securely on the wireless surface when charging.


Besides the wireless charging interfaces, this gadget is equipped with 4x USB-C ports too. This makes the power bank to be able to charge up to six devices simultaneously. One of the USB-C port is capable to deliver up to 140W of power. Depending on the devices and battery capacity, it is claimed that at such a high power delivery, the device can be charged up to 50% within 30 minutes. There is also a USB-C port function as an in/out source. This port can deliver an output power of up to 100W which is decently high and it support pass through charging too. There are 2 additional USB-C ports that can output up to 30W of power each too.

Measuring at ~19.2×8.7×3 cm and weighing at ~700g, this high capacity power bank is travel friendly and possible to be kept in the pocket too (depending on the measurements). This quality built power bank is currently being hosted as a crowd funding item, tech it out the details specification as well as deals @INDIEGOGO!

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