IVYCable Gen2

Carrying a power bank and cable when commuting or traveling far can be a pain at times. Depending on the physical size and weight of the power bank, it can add the extra load to you. It could take up the storage space too. The cable can be a mess too if it is not keep neatly after use. Some may require to bring multiple cables for the different devices. Again, these cables can be tangled with one another if they are not being kept or organised neatly. What if we skip the bulky/heavy power bank and only bring along the charging cable?

IvyCable Gen2 IvyCable Gen2

Which the IVYCable Gen2 allows you to do exactly that. At a quick glance, it looks like a charging cable that can be folded neatly by itself when not use. This cable can be auto-folded too, so you can imagine that it will be kept neatly by itself when not in used. Weighing at only ~120g, this cable can be easily fit into a pocket or any part of your travel bag. Its output end is built-in with both the USB Type C and Lightning type. This makes the cable a multi-compatible cable which can be used by a wide range of Apple phones/devices as well as devices from other make too.

IVYCable Gen2

IVYCable Gen2

Apart from being just a cable which can be auto-folded neatly, the IVYCable Gen2 is a power bank as well. It has a 2,800 mAh battery capacity in it for emergency use. Not a huge capacity battery I would say, but enough to supply emergency power to your device whenever necessary. So you can still charge up your device without any external power supply. This cable can do pass-through charging too. Both the battery within the cable and the device being connected with the cable will be charged when connected with an external power supply.

This creative 2-in-1 charging cable is currently going through a crowd funding campaign. Tech it out the details of this neat charging cable plus power bank @INDIEGOGO!

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