Spaces are limited when traveling through air (may not be applicable for business class though). Often you will face challenges of not having the extra legroom space. Imagine placing your hand carry bag underneath the front seat which in most cases that is where the legs would rest. Also, when the food are served, where the tray would need to be lowered. You may find yourself needing to squeeze your leg in order to give space to these circumstances. What is more challenging is that, the tray would have limited space too.

Bevledge Bevledge

Furthermore, when plane food is served (depending on the serving size), you may find that even the cup holder section may need to be given up too. If you are on a window seat, the Bevledge is a pretty handy tool which you can bring along to give you the extra room you may be looking for. This tool measures at only ~ 0.64x 29.21 x 13.97 cm and weighing ~ 102g. Also, when no in used, the Bevledge can be folded flat. This makes the item something that can be slotted in to your hand-carry bag conveniently without taking too much spaces.


When unfold, the Bevledge can be placed at the windows shade-slots of most major commercial aircraft. It then gives you two extra cup holder slots without the need to lower the seat tray. It has additional compartment for a phone to be hold too. If you are with glasses, the Bevledge have slot available for the glasses to be hanged on too. This may be more convenient and safer than hanging the glasses at the net pocket available.

With Bevledge, it may not be necessary to have the tray being lowered even when you have drinks all the time. To setup a more spacious airplane experience, tech it out the details of this travel convenient ledge @AMAZON!

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