AquaVault ChargeCard

Traveling with portable devices coupled with power bank is pretty normal. With technology advancements, these portable devices and gadgets or accessories can get pretty convenient to travel with. They can come in many sizes which some can even fit into a pocket easily. No more bulky or heavy components which contribute to the baggage space and weight too. A different angle to visualise this is to imagine the AquaVault Wireless ChargeCard. A power bank that look almost like a credit card which except for its thickness. Yet it is an extremely slim power bank that claimed to be able to be fit into a wallet.

AquaVault Magnetic ChargeCard AquaVault Magnetic ChargeCard

Measuring at only ~9.53 x 6.35 x 0.84 cm and weighing ~ 99g, this gadget can easily be fit into pocket if not a wallet or purse. This magnetic version charges supported devices through wireless (And yes, there is a built-in cable version model as well). This power bank is built with stainless steel material for longer lifespan. Though it is tiny in size, this gadget it built-in with 5,000 mAh batter capacity. This is adequate to charge many smartphones in the market to full for at least once. Also with fast charge technology, this power bank can deliver up to 20W of wireless charge.

AquaVault Magnetic ChargeCard AquaVault Magnetic ChargeCard

Like many other power banks in the market, the AquaVault Wireless ChargeCard comes with LED power indicator too. This helps one to gauge the remaining juice available in it. Also, the power bank itself can be recharged through the USB-C port available. Because this is the magnetic plus wireless charging model, it is recommended to check and ensure that your devices (like your smartphone) supports wireless charging. To travel with a completely portable power bank that can even fit into your wallet, tech it out the detail specifications of this credit card like power bank @AMAZON!

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